Breaking your lease, the right way, and the wrong way...

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There are all types of reasons why tenants break leases, many of which are perfectly reasonable and understandable. While your exact reason may help us to sway the homeowner on minor decisions, in general the process is basically the same. In this handout we’re going to discuss the accounting, legal concepts, and personal concepts to ensure your early move gets you the best possible results.

Bear in mind, the state of NC has relatively clear laws for handling tenant deposits, and landlords can be aggressive when they fear a major loss, so at the end of the day we are mostly a middle man. We know the laws well and will make sure you’re treated fairly within them (despite aggressive landlords), but that’s the best we can promise.

You can find full details using this link here.  If you determine this is the best approach for you, please submit a help ticket 

Additional tips to help rerent your property quickly...

1. Keep the property in excellent condition, inside and out

2. Make showings as easy as possible, in every way

3. Put pets away during the day, or prior to any showings

4. Notify your manager of any points that may help us in marketing the home 5. Pack up as much as possible prior to listing the property. This makes moving easier in general. If you won’t absolutely need it for the next 30-60 days, pack it up and get it off the property or into the garage/storage. This includes furniture 6. Follow the guidelines we use for having owners prep a property for photos. Removing knick knacks, excessive photos, fridge magnets, thinning out furniture in general, all help with marketing. Request our “how to prep for photos handout” Misc tips...

1. Remove all small, or irreplaceable valuables from the house. We accompany on all occupied showings, but a few simple tasks can ensure an enjoyable experience

2. If you know of special issues that may help sway a potential renter, jot out a short note and leave it on the counter

3. Leave utilities on until we instruct you to disconnect. The day before the new tenant moves in

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